Different Options For Paying Off Student Loans

  • Brittany Pasko
  • 10/04/2017
  • money

    Student loans student loans is not always easy. Paying them off can seem like an exercise in futility as interest rates mount up. You can find how Alice and Scott paid off their student loans easily. But like most loans, there are ways to pay them off faster.


    Refinancing your loan can save you lots of money over time. This is also generally the easiest option when it comes to paying off student loans. The goal with refinancing student loans is to go for a lower interest rate than what is being currently paid. A lot of the time when refinancing they will also consolidate the loans, so only one monthly payment is required.

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    Take a job that offers student loan forgiveness. Examples would be teaching or public service jobs. There are requirements that must be met, such as time working on the job, hours worked and much more. Ask at one’s place of employment if they have any programs for student loan forgiveness. The amount of the forgiveness varies, so one might not get all of the student loans forgiven.

    Cash Windfall

    Instead of spending a cash windfall, apply it to student loans. Don’t be tempted to spend it, unless it is necessary. This will help pay off the student loan faster while saving on interest in the long run. Cash windfalls can include inheritance, lottery winnings, tax returns and much more. If the whole windfall cannot be applied to student loans, at least apply something to them. It may hurt in the short run, but it will be worth it in the long run, especially when those student loans are finally paid off.

    Federal Loan Repayment Programs

    Federal loan repayment programs are out there and will help to afford the monthly payments. They will help by lowering the monthly payment in return for a longer payback term. This is only good for those struggling to make any payment on their student loans, as it may take as long as 20 years to pay off the student loan debt with a federal loan repayment program. However, it is a good option for those struggling to make ends meet.


    Tax Deductions

    If paying off student loan debt, one may be able to get a tax credit of up to 2,500 on the student loan interest. If one qualifies, that’s 2,500 to put back onto the student loans, helping to pay them down faster and easier. There is also a tax credit as well. Talk to an accountant or tax professional to make the most of the tax deductions and credits for repaying student loans.

    There are a few of the many ways one can pay off their student loans, some quicker than others. Find the program that works for the needs of the student loan payee, and works on getting those student loans down as fast as possible.