Techniques They Can Use To Improve Search Engine Rankings

  • Ernesto Pena
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  • 09/01/2016
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    Recent studies show that SEO is becoming a very important aspect for small businesses. A very large percent confess the importance of SEO. A lot of changes are taking place in search engine algorithms and this brings great impact on small business ranking. It is therefore important that they take a very keen approach towards their SEO strategies. Below are some techniques they can use to improve their search engine rankings.

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    Make sure that the technical setup of your website is search engine friendly

    If your website is custom built, you need to think of the readability of your folder structure, site map and HTML. Most website designers spend a lot of time making their websites look appealing to the human audience, forgetting that search engines look at your website from the technical lens. Ensure that the homepage of your site contain descriptions and pointers to the important content contents of your site.

    Make a list of keywords you want your website to appear for

    googleThis does not have to take a lot of your thinking, write down a list of words you would use to get your site if you needed to quickly. You can get suggestions from friends and family on the same. Choose the best words from your list and that of your friends. Run a test on the words you have chosen, if you cannot trace your website in the first ten pages then stop, if you cannot find it no one else will. It is important to take note of the sites that appear top, are they your competitors, local or international? Be very honest while choosing the keywords and also be note that others are also trying to keep their sites on the top.

    Ensure that the homepage of two or three top keywords contains a description of your business

    Most small businesses have a single main page. Ensure that some sentences among the first three keywords describe your business. To monitor the success of the keywords, keep checking if there is any movement in your sites ranking.

    Write a page dedicated to each keyword on your site

    This is a very good way of showing your customers that you know about the products or services they are in need of. Imagine yourself explaining to friend or family member what you deal with. This should be 200 or 300 words at most, easy to read and to understand.

    Post links to your sites on social media like Twitter and Facebook

    facebookThese sites have a lot of audience, and it is evident that people will click on the links posted there to see where it leads to. This is a very easy way of getting your customers, friends and family involved.

    Ask friends and family to post something positive about you on their website

    They can use one of your keywords and highlight them as links on their websites. This may also be known as link exchange. The link should be relevant and taking actual information to the reader. Be keen not to overdo the same.