Understanding the meaning of dreams about theft

  • Brittany Pasko
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  • 09/02/2017
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    Dreams about theft are very common, and you have probably experienced this type of dream at some point. If you have experienced a dream about theft, then it might look like a negative thing. However, it is still important to look at the other aspects of the dream to determine the true dream meaning. Here are some examples to help you in understanding the meaning of theft in dreams.

    Theft in dreams meaning

    Feeling helpless

    A dream about someone stealing something from you might be an indication that you are feeling helpless. It might be that you feel that you are not in control of your current situation and you facing security issues. In such a dream, you will see someone taking your belongings, and you are unable to react or run after them. In most cases, you feel unable to take care or protect your property and loved ones in the waking life. The result of this is that you will experience a dream of theft making you feel helpless.

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    Distress or craving

    The feeling of distress or a craving for someone might result in a dream where you see yourself stealing to take care of your craving or distress. This is a dream that means that you are craving for something or you need something badly in your waking life. When you go to sleep, then it is manifested in the form of a dream where you are trying to get something using all means including stealing. You might not have thought about stealing in the waking life, but it might appear that way in the dream.

    Ready to defend yourself

    This is a dream that is the opposite of feeling hopeless in the waking life. If you are trying to fight with the thief in the dream, then this is an indication that you are willing to defend yourself to protect your beliefs or property. It all depends on the feelings and the events that are surrounding the dream.


    Trying to catch up

    When trying to catch up with a thief in a dream, then this is an indication that you are trying to catch up with something in the waking life. Most probably, you feel that something was taken away from you and you are trying to catch up.